“A fascinating, trenchant, sometimes tragicomic account.”

—The New York Times Book Review

Mark Mazzetti

About Mark

Mark Mazzetti is a Washington investigative correspondent for The New York Times, a job he assumed after covering national security and intelligence for a decade. He is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, and a three-time winner of the George Polk Award.

About The Way of the Knife

A New York Times bestseller, translated into a dozen languages.

A riveting account of the transformation of the CIA and America’s special operations forces into man-hunting and killing machines in the world’s dark spaces: the new American way of war. In the shadow war, America has pursued its enemies using killer drones, private contractors and foreign proxy armies, and the line between soldiers and spies has blurred.


“The new American way of war is here, but the debate about it has only just begun. In The Way of the Knife, Mr Mazzetti has made a valuable contribution to it.”

—The Economist



“[A] masterpiece.”

The Hindu (India)

“[A] deeply reported and crisply written account . . . While The Way of the Knife recounts the important shifts in the architecture of the U.S. military and intelligence communities, it also reveals the many eccentric characters who emerged during this.”

Washington Post

“The story of how the CIA got back into the killing business is as chilling and dramatic as a spy novel—except it’s true. Mark Mazzetti has laid out an extraordinary tale… The Way of the Knife is as close as you'll ever get to the real thing.”

Dexter Filkins, author of The Forever War

“Mazzetti finds new details and tracks the ominous blurring of traditional roles between soldiers and spies, the lush growth of a military-intelligence complex, and what the shift portends for the future...”

—Los Angeles Times



“[An] indispensable CIA history.”

Foreign Policy